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Thursday, March 27, 2008

About that car I've been working on-

I've struggled for a day now to figure out how to properly write this post and the fact is, I'm so disgusted and cranky about the entire episode that I don't have a quip or funny lead-in at all for this tale.

Long story, short- the car has been repaired, by a garage, at no small expense and all of it on me. The garage replaced the starter and called the car fixed…

The reason I'm so cranky about this circumstance is because I removed that starter the very first afternoon and took it to Checker Auto Parts to have it tested. I saw and heard that starter work and saw it pass the electrical tests that the store's automated system put it through. It sounded fine and appeared to work perfectly. I never would have reinstalled it if I wasn't convinced there was no problem with that starter. But the repair shop troubleshot the system and they determined it was bad and a new one got the car running again.

I'm pretty pi#&ed off that I couldn't or didn't figure this out and that I spent so many hours working and replacing parts that weren't the cause of the problem. I feel hoodwinked by this car and its ability to thwart my troubleshooting and repair efforts. That doesn't happen very often and I'm mad that it happened this time.

So now the car needs transmission mounts and its due for its safety and emissions tests and there might still be some faults with the automatic transmission. We fixed the choked off air pipe that was strangling the intake air and I hope that resolved some of the driveablity problems that the boy was attributing to the transmission. I'll get repaid for my costs over the next couple months and hopefully the GF can keep it running for another year.

Now I can get back to work on the Tempo that's waiting in the driveway!

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